Anne Siv Aasen
Founder/ Manager/ Certified Yoga Teacher

Anne Siv has a preschool teacher bacherlor degree, a special education teacher module I and II and teacher in primary school at University. She’s been working with administration and management, as well as teaching children and young people in primary school.

Anne Siv is the founder and manager of Solvik YOGA and teach regular classes.

She’s  a certified yoga teacher, 201 hours YTT Patanjali Yoga Level I and II at the Patanjali Yoga Switzerland Institute for Yogic Science in collaboration with Satya Yoga School, Sandnes.

Anne Siv has participated in various workshops with her main teachers Kate Beck and Ali Dashti,
and often practice with well-known Iyengar yoga teachers in Bali, Barcelona and New York.

Diagnosed with a herniated disc and sciatica, she was sentenced to a lifetime of chronic pain by doctors. Defying all odds, with yoga as her tool she has overcome chronic pain and limitation. In her classes, Anne Siv focuses on technique and alignment. To best meet the student needs, different yoga accessories are used throughout the class.

She teaches a wide range of classes including prenatal, classic yoga, vinyasa flow and restorative.


Anders Thoresen
Certified Yoga Teacher

Anders is a certified yoga teacher from Nirvana Yoga Shala Mysore India 2017 in Hatha and Ashtanga yoga. He’s been practicing yoga for 6 years.

Has recently moved to Tau and works as a freelance actor, singer and director.

“Yoga is a big part of my life and I look forward to being part of Solvik YOGA”


Laila Heggem Haugen
Certified Yoga Teacher

Laila is a 200 hrs certified yoga teacher at Axelson’s Body Work School in Oslo. 

Laila works as an able seaman on a high speed craft Wessel at Beautiful Ryfylke and has been working on the sea since 2007.


I was introduced to yoga in 2015 at Solvik YOGA. At that time I thought that yoga wasn’t for me at all. After a few classes I realized that yoga was absolutely something for me. A tool I needed in my life.

I did a 12-months introducing to Patanjali Yoga at Satya Yoga School in collaboration with Patanjaly Yoga Switzerland Institute for Yogic Science.


I started my teachertraining at Axelsons Body Work School in Oslo. In 2018 I was certified 200 hours yoga teacher multistyle.


When I’m at work offshore, I work and live together with a big group of different kind of people. It feels good to find some time and slience for myself. To create a safe space where I can focus on my breathing and to stay in the focus on the present moment and deep relaxation to balance my body and mind.




Mikaela Ahl
Yoga Instructor

Mikaela has a bachelor degree in Economics and Business Administration.

She’s completed an annual course in Patanjali yoga at Satya Yoga School, Sandnes and Patanjali Yoga Switzerland Institute for Yogic Science.

Mikaela tried yoga for the first time in 2006 / 2007. She got introduced to Iyengar yoga.

“The effect of yoga is so good. You have the opportunity to go deeper into yourself and to feel the positions from within. It gives a very special calm in my body and mind. ”  


Anette Solberg

Anette has previously studied Master in Business and Master in Commerce where she specialised in Finance. She has experience from working as Financial Advisor in the banking sector. This summer she is taking her Yoga Teacher Training in Costa Rica at Marianne Wells Yoga school and will get the certification of 200 hours yoga teacher. During the teacher training we will look at various styles of yoga, however the foundation of the main teacher is Iyengar, and this will also be the base in everything we do, and most of it will be Hatha yoga.
“Yoga has become a lifestyle for me and I could not manage without it. It has helped me immensely with my health challenges both physical and mentally, in addition it has become a part of my toolbox that I use every day to stay more grounded in myself, to find inner peace and being mindful and present so that I don’t easily get affected of events and things that are out of my control. Yoga gives you a time out and is a reminder you to take care of yourself in a fast pace world”.



Kari Forland Lauvsnes

Yoga instructor



Therese A. Malte

 Yoga instructor


Guest Teachers
Throughout the season we have various guest teachers who teach workshop’s at Solvik YOGA.

You will find more information on our Facebook-page “events”.

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